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A bit of blogging experience under my belt, and I’m working a few changes. First off, I’m splitting off the knitting and crocheting parts of Fine Print (what little of them there were) to another blog altogether. If you wish to keep up with my occasional musings on the minutiae of yarn projects, come see me at Silver Threads.* It’s still under construction, but I suppose I could keep adding words to it, even if it doesn’t look quite like I want it to yet.

The reason for the change? Self-consciousness. In a blog-of-all-topics, I feel like I should try to make any knitting posts as accessible as possible. If I keep them on a knitting blog, I can use knitting lingo without reservation—after all, the audience has been warned. I can wail about the reduced availability of yarn that knits up to 4 sts/1″, knowing that the audience should be sympathetic. Or at least that they’ll know what I’m wailing about. And those who just can’t muster a lot of interest about knitting beyond wanting to see photos of finished projects will not have to do so. Win, win!

*No membership required. Just come by and view the blog.

November 3, 2012: edited to update link to Silver Threads.

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