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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

This week’s photo challenge is timely. It’s been cloudy here for most of December, and while I’m not finding it depressing, a splash of bright color is welcome. That yellow is my favorite color is a bonus.

And because yellow is my favorite color, it pops up throughout my home:

Yellow coats.

“The better to see you with, my dear.” Especially at a bus stop at night.

Pegasus tree ornament

A favorite ornament.

Yellow pens.

I rarely have two of the same pen, but…yellow.

Set of 3 mixing bowls.

Yes, I bought the set for the yellow bowl. But I love the three of them together too.

iPad and cover.

Of course I made my iPad cover out of yellow yarn.

And when friends learned I was blogging yellow, they volunteered yellow things of their own:

Yellow orchids.

ClaireDaLoon’s orchids. Flowers in winter!

Drop spindle and rolag.

Suncat’s golden spinning.

(Daily Post—Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow)