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Yesterday, as I was catching up on Twitter, I saw a tweet in Spanish scroll by. I can read Spanish fairly well, but every now and then a bit of vocabulary escapes me. I thought I understood what exigir meant, but to make sure, I dropped the entire tweet into Google Translate.

Google Translate screen capture.

Google—the search engine itself—has offered suggestions for alternate spellings for years. Often that’s helpful, especially if you had a typo; other times, you have to steer it back to the uncommon term you really are looking up. This is the first time I’ve seen it try to help out with translation. I suppose congratulations are in order: they’ve improved their translation capabilities to the point they feel they can offer suggestions. Yay! I’m just amused by this one because the original tweet is a quote from author Jorge Luis Borges. Who, I am certain, would have known whether he meant me interesó (interested me) or me interesa (interests me).