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Reluctantly resolving

I do not set out to have New Year’s resolutions. I see no reason to set myself up for failure; it happens often enough spontaneously, and it’s never pretty. The problem, of course, is the season. At any other time of the year, if I thought of things I should do, all they’d be is Things I Should Do. At the end of December, those selfsame things become Potential New Year’s Resolutions (but no pressure here, no pressure whatsoever).

  • Catalog e-books right when I buy them. I thought at first that I’d let them back up because of the computer failure I had at the beginning of the year. But on closer examination, it seems that I just don’t track e-books as well as I do print ones. I think it’s because I can’t overlook a pile of print books, but e-books are the epitome of out-of-sight-out-of-mind. If I don’t list them anywhere, they don’t count, right? A fine idea until I realize I’ve got a year’s worth of e-books to be entered in a marathon cataloging session that leaves me tempted to delete the lot of them instead. Ugh. (To anyone who knows me on Goodreads or Library Thing: no, I did not just buy 68 e-books!)
  • Use one piece of stationery a month. The normal way to phrase this would be “try to write one letter a month,” but that was too scary to contemplate. I have some pretty notecards; maybe I could use some of them for decoration or an art project. Look, I accept that after I die, my heirs will find boxes of stationery in my effects. I think that’s going to be common for any of us who were trying to stay in touch with distant friends and family in the era before email and cheap long-distance. It’s that I don’t want them to find untouched boxes. They’ll think I was some sort of hoarder. (Right. Like they’re not going to think that when they find my stash of yarn. Come to think of it, I’d better appoint a knitter as the executor/executrix of my will. A knitter will understand.)

On the bright side, if I manage to do them even for a while, the first one will reduce my to-do list, and the second one may help me stay in contact with people. Or be artistic. At the very least, I will be decluttering my apartment one piece of paper and an envelope at a time.