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Family of pine trees on Christmas morning, opening presents around a human skeleton hung with ornaments.This picture highlights why more families have been turning to artificial skeletons for their holiday celebrations. While artificial skeletons are perfectly symmetrical, natural skeletons are often missing teeth and sometimes a finger or two. It can be difficult to arrange the limbs of a natural skeleton, but artificial skeletons have adjustable locking joints, making it easy for anyone to pose them. This also allows them to hold more ornaments than the traditional vertical-only skeleton. Juvenile natural skeletons can be expensive, often beyond the budgets of students, recent graduates, and those on fixed incomes. By contrast, artificial skeletons come in a range of heights, so that those living in small spaces can get a well-proportioned smaller model rather than having to break the legs off of a standard adult skeleton. Also, artificial skeletons are a one-time purchase, not an annual expense. And those who put up natural skeletons must remember to keep them moist throughout the season. Else the small bones become brittle and break easily, and the skeleton is likely to drop teeth that you will still be vacuuming up two weeks after the holidays.

That said, of course, there’s nothing like having a traditional natural skeleton filling your home with the seasonal fragrance of rotting meat. Nor can anyone deny that real bone has a color and patina to it that even the most expensive artificial skeletons only barely approximate. In the end, of course, the spirit of the season is what matters, regardless of the quantity or the origin of the household decorations.