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A fine match

Way back in 2005, OCLC*  celebrated the cataloging of its one billionth record by sending out pins with their WorldCat logo on it. Mine has sat pristinely in its little plastic bag from that day until now, since I’m not much of a pin-wearer. But I have finally found the perfect item to wear it with.

(Hint: compare the structure of the shawlette with the structure of the WorldCat logo.)

I talk about knitting the shawlette itself on Silver Threads.


*OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.) is a library organization that, among other things, runs WorldCat, an online public access catalog (it’s a single catalog of what lots of libraries have in their collections).

58 and counting

Apparently I’m just a little book magnet. Back in February, my desktop computer died. It’s a sign of the times that I delayed replacing it until this month, living off my laptop, netbook, and iPad during the interim.* None of these, however, had my book database on it.** I had it backed up (yay, me!), but I couldn’t update it. Now, with the software reinstalled and the backup loaded, I’m starting to enter all the books I’ve picked up in the past 3½ months. Which will take a while: I have bought and borrowed at least 58 print and e-books since the computer crashed. I swear it didn’t seem like nearly that many when I was getting them. And chances are that there are more e-books hiding in the back corners of my e-readers. Sure, the borrowed books eventually go back to their owners (usually libraries), but it takes just as long to enter them in the database as it does the books I own. Luckily my old barcode scanner can still be persuaded to work with this software and Windows 7, or I’d never stand a chance of catching up. (Imagine for a moment having to enter 58+ 13-digit ISBNs by hand. You may shudder now.)

Plus, I didn’t just buy and borrow books—I got rid of a few as well. Can’t wait to try to figure out how to delete those in any sort of systematic fashion, since I didn’t keep nearly as good a record of my discards as I did my acquisitions. Oops.

*Oh, hush. True computer geeks have more computers than I do. I just don’t dump them until they’re good and dead, and lately they’ve been lasting. Except that desktop, of course.

**Wait a minute. You’re on Goodreads and LibraryThing and you’ve got a book database on your computer? Yes. Although if any one of these three ever does everything I want, I may drop the other two. Or not.