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A fine match

Way back in 2005, OCLC*  celebrated the cataloging of its one billionth record by sending out pins with their WorldCat logo on it. Mine has sat pristinely in its little plastic bag from that day until now, since I’m not much of a pin-wearer. But I have finally found the perfect item to wear it with.

(Hint: compare the structure of the shawlette with the structure of the WorldCat logo.)

I talk about knitting the shawlette itself on Silver Threads.


*OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.) is a library organization that, among other things, runs WorldCat, an online public access catalog (it’s a single catalog of what lots of libraries have in their collections).


Let’s see, I have how many sweaters and vests in progress? It’s only how long until the state fair? And despite this, I’ve let myself get obsessed with making multiples of a neckwarmer called The Pidge.*

pink PidgeSee, while I do make a number of knitted scarves, I don’t wear them all that often. Even the softest fiber is hard-pressed to compete with the non-itchiness of polyester fleece. Despite this, though, when I saw a Pidge being modeled at my LYS, I decided to try one. Mostly it was an excuse to use chunky baby alpaca. My office is frigid in the winter, but even so, I thought a whole sweater of chunky baby alpaca would be overdoing it. One little neckwarmer, though, using only one hank? Much more reasonable. The pattern was even free with purchase of yarn. I could indulge in alpaca (wonderfully soft) without bankrupting myself, and if I didn’t actually wear The Pidge much, at least I hadn’t wasted much time, money, yarn, or effort.

peachy PidgeBut somewhere along the line, one little neckwarmer became multiple little neckwarmers. I’m not discounting the excuse to knit with alpaca explanation, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.** I think it’s the feeling of accomplishment as well. I love knitting sweaters, but it takes time to do one. My guess is that I need to finish something every now and then, for my psychological health. Since the Pidge is knit on size 11 needles, it just zooms along. And unlike most knitters, I don’t knit socks all that much. I need a small portable project sometimes and the Pidge meets that need.

Still, the fair is coming, and my Ravelry queue isn’t getting any shorter. Must stop knitting Pidges I probably won’t wear all that often. Must finish the current sweater. Must get going on the next sweater.  Really.

*I’m sufficiently clueless not to know why it’s called that and sufficiently single-minded not to care much. I’m assuming there’s a trend out there somewhere that knitters picked up on.

**Nor is it always applicable. After all, one of the Pidges I’m planning would only be 50% baby alpaca (the other 50% would be merino wool).