Moving day

And bang! Vox—the previous home of my blog—announced that they were shutting down at the end of the month. I’m not surprised. I hadn’t read anything, but I just had a sense that things weren’t going well. I’ll miss them—if nothing else, I liked being able to have a LibraryThing widget on my blog that showed my books.

Anyway, drastic measures were needed to save the blog. I’d opened a WordPress account several months ago, but hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with it beyond choosing a theme. I got to go from zero to testing a major feature: importing another platform’s blog. I’m delighted to say that the process was painless. Oh, some of the formatting looks a bit funky and many images didn’t come over (they came from a Vox feature that used book covers, so I doubt it was WordPress’s fault they didn’t transfer), but I can fix that when I make the time. The comments came over unscathed—yay!

So here I am, moving into a new home so to speak. Late last year, I moved in real life, and I suspect some of the issues are the same. Notifying friends of my change of address, for one thing! Plus wondering if everything moved over all right, fixing the stuff that got a bit dinged, trying to decide how to decorate the place (haven’t managed that in the new home yet, either), and learning the little differences between the old place and the new (the equivalent of now where is the light switch in the kitchen?). Must learn the difference between a “category” and a “tag.” Can you throw a housewarming party in a blog?

1 thought on “Moving day

  1. raerei

    Welcome and enjoy. Yes, I think this is much more stable and permanent. Plus it has soooo many themes! I really like your current choice.

    (I’ll have to move my few Vox blogs to my account over here soon.)



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