Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

The Ford Building in St. Paul, Minnesota.

This is the Ford Building in St. Paul, Minnesota—”Ford” as in Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. The short version of its history is that it was built in 1913 (1916?) as an assembly plant, was quickly converted into a sales center, and was eventually taken over by the State of Minnesota for office space.

The Ford Building is currently in limbo, which is a possibility for a relic, but not a satisfying one. It’s all neat and crisp when seen from the front, but look along the side. That vertical striping and the ripply effect come from the wire fencing attached to the exterior wall to keep pieces of it from falling on people’s heads. The building is too historically significant to demolish on a whim, but it’s not really usable as is and bringing it up to modern standards would be expensive. So it…sits there.

(Daily Post—Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic)

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