Canada: Read an E-Book Month

My fun fact for the evening: March is officially Read an E-Book Month in Canada. I don’t know as e-books need an official sanction—they seem to be taking off quite well on their own—but it’s a pretty innocuous declaration compared to what national governments are capable of coming up with, and I’m not complaining. (Grinning, yes. Complaining, no.) I’m not planning on going out and spreading the word of e-book joy, though, except maybe through the happy expression on my face as I read a good one—and that would be due to the qualities of the book more than its format.

It is not Read an E-Book Month in the United States, but I have been accidentally celebrating anyway. That is, my local public library has added several e-books to its collection that I want to read, and I’ve been taking advantage of their new acquisitions. On top of that, either the initial rush to see what e-book checkout is like has died down, or the library has added so many new titles that everyone can usually find something to read. Whatever the reason, I’m able to check out e-books fairly regularly nowadays. This is really helping relieve my withdrawal symptoms from being cut off from the neighboring library’s e-book collection. Now if only the publishers would relax about letting libraries have access to e-books in the first place…

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