Wrestling the collection

My day off is being gray and soporific, so to fight off the torpor, I’m rearranging my astrology books. According to LibraryThing, I’ve tagged 178 books “astrology.” But it’s been annoying me lately that my astrology collection has been losing its internal order, so today is reorganizing day. Instead of settling into a chair or the couch all day, I’ve decided to take all the books off the shelves and stack them on the floor by topic, then reshelve them. Now I knew going in that there were approximately 178 books—okay, some of them are e-books and not part of this effort—but somehow that didn’t sink in until I saw them all out in front of me. They weren’t nearly as overwhelming when all I could see of them was their spines. And it looks like I’ve been able to divide the topic of astrology into at least 20 subtopics. I’m curious as to whether the Library of Congress Subject Headings go as greatly into depth on astrology as I do. If not, would LC hire me to revamp that area? (Probably not. In these times of slashed budgets, how do you justify an astrology and general New Age cataloger?) And no, I don’t have enough shelf space for all of them unless I unshelve something else.

Piles of astrology books

Top row: rectification, relationships, books on individual planets, ephemerides, general chart interpretation. Second row: general introductions, local space and astrolocality, miscellaneous (topics with one book each), primary directions, mundane. Third row: mythic, traditional natal, houses, aspects, modern natal (2 piles). Bottom row: planetary returns, progressions and transits and solar arcs, horary and electional, midpoints and cosmobiology, Jungian.

Tarot books will have to wait until the next free cloudy day.

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